The “Silent” Majority No MORE is a coalition of Americans… of all ages, colors and political parties. We recognize the threat of Islamo-Terrorism.

We come together to work together because we must…To take back our country from the enemy within working to bring terror back to our shores.

 We will NOT be silent. It’s now … or it may be never.


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  1. Just so you know, International A.N.S.W.E.R has scheduled another anti-Israel protest tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. Here are the details:

    New York City, NY
    Tuesday, December 30
    5:00 pm
    Israeli Consulate: 800 2nd Ave (b/w 42nd and 43rd Streets)

    I want to organize a group to protest against those beasts, so I’m going to post this on my blog. Can you also post this information, so hopefully we can get something together quickly?


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  3. Dear Editor,

    I am sending you info on Veterans land being taken by wealthy bureaucrats and politicians all over America. The powers that are now running this country into socialism want this info suppressed, billions of dollars are at stake here. But the fact is this is NOT a politicians land to give, this is deeded land for our Veterans..if no one comes up to the plate with enough clout to help bring this to the American public the Veterans will loose their lands and many hospitals. A Billion dollars of land was just given away in LA, and 85 acres annexed in Chicago. Rep Waxman has all sorts of plans for the remaining land in LA. And this is spreading around the country.

    I am sending you this info in the hopes that your paper will print what our American papers refuse to print!

    I will be relentless for our Veterans, as they are relentless for our freedom


    Thank you

    Jeani DiCarlo
    310 663 9023

    PS: The MSM and Hollywood are trying to suppress the Video, below is a letter from the founder of the Veterans Revolution


    I am outraged by the information you conveyed to me in our telephone conversation.

    These individuals / blog sites that are trying to destroy and suppress our “Veterans Land Grab” video about the billion-dollar heist of Veterans property, are attempting to censor and suppress our First Amendment Rights.

    Moreover, it is absolutely slanderous and defaming to even suggest that we are “anti-gay” or “anti-children.” To the contrary, they are anti-Veteran!

    Our video is specifically about the theft of Veterans land and the fact that a “celebrity carnival fundraiser” held by a non-Veteran, non-profit organization on Veterans land is mentioned, only underscores the abuse and prostitution of this sacred land.

    The revered acronym “POW” means “Prisoners of War” and certainly not “prevention on wheels,” as Rees Lloyd pointed out in the video. This is plagiarism and deception in the worst form imaginable, and it is incredibly sacrilegious. To make matters worse, this was all done on sacred land where Veterans are trying to heal from war.

    Any use of the term “America’s Heroes” on Veterans land should only mean that it is to honor the men and women who have pledged their lives for the safety and freedom of all others. To use the term for any other purpose on Veterans land is equally despicable and sacrilegious.

    I will not tolerate any individual to attempt to discredit our Veterans video by trying to dictate how and what we can say and what photos we can show. BS!!

    Lest they have conveniently forgotten, it is the Veterans who have defended the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and we will not allow anyone to dictate how and what we can convey in defending this noble cause to “Save Our Veterans Land.”

    This is blatant censorship and anti-Veteran. Their actions seriously violate our First Amendment Rights and I want to know the names of all individuals / blogs who are trying to suppress our First Amendment Rights and Freedom of the Press to show and express our video as we choose.

    In the future, if any non-Veteran group wants to “trespass” on our property and doesn’t want the Truth exposed about their plagiarizing and insulting America’s Veterans, then stay the hell off our property.

    This is not the first year that the “celebrity carnival” has been held on Veterans sacred land and following is an article about last year’s event that included a huge Ferris wheel.

    Committing an Act Against Military Veterans


    Last year, we turned the American Flag upside down when the carnival was going on and then reversed thereafter.

    However, after this year’s carnival event — which we both went inside with your cameraman and we were denied the same equal rights that their photographers had — we have continuously hung and flown the American Flag upside down in the “Distress” mode, which is in full compliance with the U.S. Flag code, because life and property are in danger.

    Lest anyone has forgotten, the U.S. Flag is defended by the men and women of the United States Armed Forces and when their land is in danger, there is never a more appropriate and legal time to fly “Old Glory” in the “Distress” mode.

    Let there be no misunderstanding: Our Veterans property is in serious danger when it is given away for a public park, leased out with no-bid sweetheart deals for the wealthy neighbors and commercial ventures as political payback, and celebrity carnivals are held for private fundraisers, while Veterans healthcare services go neglected and underfunded. Consequently, Veterans lives are endangered when these facilities are diminished and abused. Furthermore, our own lives are in danger when we are threatened and assaulted while trying to defend this hallowed property.

    Veterans have had their Constitutional Rights violated over and over, and we will not be bullied around by thug bloggers who want to deny our First Amendment Rights.

    Stand tough Jeani, and surrender nothing to those who are censors and anti-Veteran, and consequently are actually aiding and abetting in the stealing of this sacred national trust.

    Robert L. Rosebrock
    Director, The Veterans Revolution
    Co-Director, We the Veterans

  4. Please see excellent photographs of what Islam did since 9/11 across world at:


  5. Please support our grass roots (low budget) campaign to elect Lt Col Steve to Congress. We need to defeat Congressman Steve Israel who has marched in lock step with this administration’s radical agenda. Steve Labate is a true patriot who will work to stop this communist takeover of our country. American’s need to wake up and realize that the enemy within is destroying our country. Lt Col Labate has served in the military for 18 years and has done three depoyments in Iraq. He has been an active member of the Conservative Society for Action, who helped elect the first tea party candidate, Dean Murray.

    Unfortunately, the Republicans on Long Island seem ready to throw their support behind a RINO, John Gomez, with a famous friend. Mr Gomez only recently registered as a Republican and has no chance of beating Congressman Steve Israel. In addition, his recent conversion to the Republican Party makes him ineligible to run in a primary. The RINOs on Long Island are usurping the rights of we the people in Congressional District 2 to vote for the candidate of our choice. Steve Labate’s campain has raised more money from far more donors than John Gomez. Supporting candidates like Mr Gomez is exactly why these liberal, radicals keep getting elected in New York.

    If you are on facebook, I created a page entitled Dump Steve Israel. Please join and invite your friends. We need to get the widest exposure possible amongst the “little guy” because we can not match the special interest money going to support Steve Israel. We need you financial support, no matter how small, to show the RINOs that Steve Labate is the true man of the people. Thanks in advance for your support.

  6. Do you have audio,not video,for downloading?
    Horovitz recent speech?

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