The Silent Majority agrees with Ms. West. “The current da’wa campaign… creates confusion by giving deliberately mixed messages…They…will themselves to stop thinking, and they make sure their friends don’t challenge them to think either. The subject of jihad becomes ‘impolite.’ Then it is taboo…They are ripe for totalitarian leadership, the kind offered by Islam.” Read on…

Parallels Of Pride And Despair by Brenda West


I like Harlem Pastor James Manning’s description of Obama as a strutting Mack Daddy, that is, a pimp. He is just what the masses of foolish liberal ‘hos’ crave – someone whose gleaming narcissism can lift them out of the darkness of self-imposed stupid ideas. Since his followers have put themselves in a pit of depression and hopelessness with their anti-everything-good positions, they need someone to haul them out of despair. Hitching a ride on Obama’s glory-bound narcissism does it for them, and then their enthusiasm for him does it for Obama. Together they create a circle of fantasy fueled ‘hope,’ lit up by a conviction of superiority arising mainly from the self-generated good feelings that lift them out of their despair. “I love you, you love me,” Barney the purple dinosaur croons to spellbound little children.


And then one day the inflationary bubble breaks, just like the phony spike in real estate prices. For those who bet on it, like the banks giving worthless mortgages….well, too bad for you, sucker.


But when it comes to national policy, we conservatives will go down with the foolish masses, since our fates are tied to our geographical neighbors, our fellow citizens, to some degree.


By the way, ever wonder what ordinary German citizens felt as they watched their own hopes for national glory go down with Der Fuehrer and the German Republic ? When Hitler’s ego-trip was over, so was theirs. What is the internal experience when the national bubble breaks? Is it back to despair?


As it will one day with Obama. After he fails, will his disappointed minions hitch their star to the strong horse of Islam? It would make sense, psychologically. Since the Obama fans haven’t developed a stance of self-reliance through critical thinking, rationality and sound principles, they need to be swept away.


The current da’wa campaign is perfect for that. It creates confusion by giving deliberately mixed messages. On the one hand, it destroys buildings and murders civilians on 9/11 and threatens to commit even worse carnage. On the other hand, it insists on calling itself a ‘religion of peace’ and speaks in seductively soothing tones. This creates cognitive dissonance, an experience of things not adding up, not quite making sense. Confusion ensues. It takes an effort to think this through. Many people find that hard, so they just stop thinking and shrug it off. “Surely the authorities know what is happening,” they say to themselves, “and I am safe.” They even will themselves to stop thinking, and they make sure their friends don’t challenge them to think either. The subject of jihad becomes ‘impolite.’ Then it is taboo.


Since these people will not lead themselves with rational thinking, they need to be led. They are ripe for totalitarian leadership, the kind offered by Islam.


  1. I think there is too much political correctness going on in the US media and on the streets of our cities. I see it first hand, its almost a sympathy because of the so-called backlash from 9/11. Muslims (although a minority) want to see America abolished and demolished. Period. Yet many moderate americans have no clue what most of the world wants to do, destroy the US. In America or in any other free country in the world, one could be blasted for chastising the muslim religion. However, that isn’t the story in a muslim country. Insulting the west is expected from young muslim children. What I am saying is…….Americans, don’t be so fu*%@ng nice to these people even if they are kind to your face, there are extremists in our country and the threat is REAL.

  2. As a female veteran I was denied my day in court. Why would we the people deny a veteran born in the United States a day in court. Then give away our citizens inalienable rights to these extremists who admitted to acts of war against us the people? I ask all the people that have ever been denied a day in court or dished out injustice to stand fast and take back our rights that are being given away to these murders of acts of war.

    We the people need to begin a revolution if need be and make sure our Judicial systems gets reformed along with the Congress people who are put in place to represent us.

    We have to reclaim our government for the people. We need to filter money to we the people to fix US our Government FIRST. Congress signed a contract to protect the people and their rights. We the people will not allow war crimes to be rewarded by giving them our Constitutional Rights. Nothing could be more wrong than to deny our own Military Veterans their Civilian Rights in our Federal Courts, Appeal Courts, Circuit Courts but grant with media popularity coverage to our enemy of War Crimes. Enemies we are at war with now. What about my case can I get my case on the same free media coverage and can I get my rights granted to me a female veteran. WHY why have I been denied. What is wrong with our WORLD if we can not see this is a slap in the face to our Military Veterans.
    Tell me if you too are a Military Veteran and have been denied your judicial rights.

  3. brokergarcia – I am not a military veteran but my rights have been trampled on too. I have fought for the rights of pre-nates, developing human infants, and developed Ground Zero lungs after assisting the “refugees” from battery Park. I survived intense racist and political abuse and violence including two attempts on my life – these were intercepted by the NYPD, who were, however, prevented from investigating the perps and the instigator – a local co-ordinator for the Board of Elections! Even going directly to the DAs, was met with insult, slurs, sneers, abuse and stupid mind games. They really pick ‘em!
    That’s the Freedom and Democracy for which you offered your life, and even you were denied your day in court. I do not know your details, but I do know that New York is corrupt to the gills, but with some brilliant exceptions, so don’t give up! You’re a warrior! Keep the fighting spirit, keep fit, and nil desperandum. This too shall pass, because of people like you, and the majority of Americans, the majority of American States and the majority now silenced will be the true, loud and clear voice of America, and WILL BE HEARD! God bless you!

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