(video)England Gun-Ban? Not in America!

England Gun Ban Update: Excellent Video of what is happening in England – and what we don’t want to allow in America!

As England goes…so goes America if we don’t Stop The Madness!

4 responses to “(video)England Gun-Ban? Not in America!

  1. Truly EXCELLENT video, saying things that our own media would never dare say – they are totally biased. Since this, the same thing has happened for knives, swords and other such bladed weapons. Of course, it looks wonderful when they report how many vicious weapons have been handed in, but what they don’t say is that law-abiding people can and are prosecuted for carrying a penknife (or whatever) and genuine collectors of martial arts swords are demonised, while gangs continue to escalate their knife attacks on innocent victims day by day. The authorities seem impotent and strapped by “human rights” and “social justice” issues that fail to stop the slaughter. Weapons seem to be freely available to gangs, and violent crime and senseless murders run almost out of control in some areas of the country – so much so that even in our small sleepy town we would not intervene in a fight or go out alone at night. People are afraid, and feel defenceless since even the police will not come to their aid, that is, if you can find one at all. Martin’s case is no longer unique. Several others have been prosecuted for daring to defend themselves or their property. Even manhandling (sorry – “person-handling”) a youngster who is breaking into your home can lead to prosecution, and land you with a criminal record. Is it any wonder that we despair? Is it any wonder that victims can lay in the street screaming for help while passers-by keep on walking. Was the intention to castrate us? To turn us into quivering cowards who would roll over easily and be oppressed by an authoritarian government? It seems so, and the plan has worked.

  2. Our representatives, about all in our government, DO NOT represent our values. They represent themselves and their rich friends. When they do pass a new “change” law, they date it to start just after they are no longer in government service. They’ll never replace the money they took from Social Security funds. They aren’t on Social Security so they don’t care if it goes broke. SS was set up by a moral president and it was written up as to NEVER be used for anything else. Etc., Etc.

  3. Dr. Ron Paul is the only candidate who has never taken lobbyist money. We wouldn’t have needed Social Security if the U.S. had followed the Constitution. When we strayed, private bankers were able to manipulate money and markets. Had that not been the case, churches and other charities would have no problem assisting the truly poor. You can’t pick and choose… either you espouse genuine liberty, or you let the gov’t determine your future. Brush up on your history about that “moral” president. It was FDR who, by Executive Order, required all Americans to turn in their gold (bullion, coins, & certificates) by May 1, 1933 or face ten years in prison.

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